Help Your Users Seamlessly Access NEAR Blockchain Data within Your App

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Liza Allen

Hi WellDone Team,
I'm Liza from GetBlock, it's nice to connect.
In February we received a grant from NEAR Foundation to build a blockchain explorer for NEAR Protocol. The explorer is now live and you can check it out at this link: getblock.io/explorers/near/. We're now also working on the second grant from NEAR to release the public dev API!
I believe we could find synergies to collaborate. Would you be interested in placing the link to our explorer in WellDone interface so your users can access real-time blockchain data in a user-friendly format? What exactly do we need to have a chance to partner this way?

Let me know what you think.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Jay Kim

Hey Liza,

It’s great to be connected! I’m Jay from DSRV.

Your idea on placing the link in WELLDONE interface sounds interesting. I’d like to hear more about what you specifically mean by the “interface” as WELLDONE has multiple tools on our lists. 

Also, one potential partnership I was thinking is to put our smart contract verification on GetBlock’s explorer. We are currently in the process of preparing for the Near Foundation grants.

If you’d like to discuss it further, I’m happy to discuss it over the call. Here is the link to my calendly: calendly.com/jayjiho/

Looking foward for you reply!